Since 2019, the program caters for students who wish to pursue fun and excitement through the sport of basketball. The program is designed to enable students to develop physical skills and fitness, teamwork, interpersonal skills and knowledge of basketball while teaching an understanding of why we play the sport.
The program looks to help students understand that playing is more than just a basketball competition but a way to relate to others, our college and our community. Our ultimate aim is to impact our students through values, participation and sport. 
In Primary school, the program aims to coach and train our junior (Year 1-3) students through skills and drills, teaching them the basics of basketball. Our upper primary students (Year 3-6) engage in various interhouse and interschool games and tournaments to maximise playing experiences. 
Our secondary students engage in a series of interschool and ministry-based games against local youth groups. This opportunity guides our students in understanding that participating in sports programs like the basketball program can provide an opportunity to help build, help restore and help connect people. 
The program includes one training session per week, incorporating skills, games, and coaching, with carnivals and matches played outside these training sessions.