Fashion Design Academy
Students selected for the Fashion and Design Academy will:


Design, create and showcase personal portfolios.


Explore, past, current and future fashion trends.


Learn textile technology and clothing construction.


Develop marketing and business plans.

Fashion & Design Academy

Fashion has always been an essential part of society. From challenging preconceived societal ideas to creating social changes, fashion has the power to mould and shape individuals and society. The Fashion & Design Academy is a specialist course at Alkimos Baptist College that aims to immerse young minds into the exciting, challenging and rewarding fashion world. By entering the Academy, students have the opportunity to be at the frontier of the fashion industry.

The Fashion & Design Academy program is designed to challenge students in creative and original thinking to enhance their educational experiences. The Academy is tailored to students who are intrigued by fashion and design. Students participating in the Fashion & Design Academy will:

  • Explore Past, Current and Future Fashion Trends
  • Design, Create and Showcase Personal Portfolios
  • Learn Textile Technology and Clothing Construction
  • Develop Marketing and Business Plans

Students in the Academy will create their own Clothing Label, which will be used to design, create and sell clothes, showcase them in productions and presentations, and enter various competitions and exhibitions. The Academy is a place for students to extend and challenge themselves in an area they love.

While at the Fashion & Design Academy, students will receive Western Australia Curriculum Education from Alkimos Baptist College. All core subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education, Languages and the Arts will be delivered by Alkimos Baptist College. The Academy will offer students six periods per week for four years of Fashion and Design tuition. Students selected in Year 7 will graduate from the program at the end of Year 10 and will have the ability to continue to study Textiles at the General and ATAR levels in Years 11 and 12. 

Alkimos Baptist College offers a unique opportunity for all students to receive an excellent education in a small community-focused environment. The College has a firm, fair student management policy that empowers all students and teachers to engage confidently in educational pursuits free from unreasonable disruption.

Students who wish to nominate for the Fashion & Design Academy must complete an Application Form. Once submitted, an appointment will be arranged with the family for an interview with the Principal.