School Hours

From 8.15 am - 8.30 am, students may arrive at school. Students must sit and wait quietly outside or can play on the basketball court before school begins.

The College gates will be open from 8.00 am. The main gates will be locked at 8.45 am and reopened at 2.30 pm. Late students arriving after 8.30 am must report to the College office, receive a late pass and go to their class using the central Administration doors.


If your child is going to be late or absent from school, please email the College office in the morning. Please also send a note to the school explaining their absence or reply to the sent text message sent to families. This is a legal requirement. Please keep students at home if they are unwell. 


Students or siblings of students are not permitted to play on the playground equipment before or after school. This is standard practice at schools.


As Kindergarten and Pre Primary students are to be delivered directly to the classroom, the east side of the school is designated for parents of Kindergarten and Pre Primary students. Please park in the bays, not blocking the flow of traffic. Year 1 - 12 parents may park along the perimeter of the College, on the street or verge. Please do not park in front of the main gates. Please park to allow other parents easy access to the gates and space to get in and out of their cars and allow the maximum number of vehicles to park. Please use the 'Kiss N Drive' areas. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.


Interviews with College staff require an appointment. 

Parent Interviews should be conducted after school, as teachers attend to the students and prepare for the day at the beginning of the day. There are set times throughout the year for Parent Interviews. The first Interviews are conducted in Term 1 of the year. Please email or speak directly to the teacher briefly at the beginning of the day to make an appointment.

Parents can book Interviews with the Principal by contacting the College Office for an appointment time. 

College Emergency Form

Please complete the College Emergency Form, included in your enrolment pack. If you have not returned it to us, please do so as soon as possible to the College office. Please update your details throughout the year as soon as there are changes to your information, in particular contact details and address, custody arrangements and changes.


Please ensure that all students are attired in the correct College Uniform at all times. Please read the College Handbooks and Diaries for details. Students coming to school wearing the incorrect uniform can report to their teacher for a Uniform pass for the day. 

Enrolment Forms

Please ensure that the College office has received all Enrolment Agreements, copies of Birth Certificates, copies of Immunisation Records, school reports, NAPLAN reports, Allergy, Medical or Asthma Action Plans, etc., as soon as possible. We will contact you if some records are missing. Please ensure that you make an appointment to meet with the Principal if your child has an Anaphylaxis or other Medical Plan that you have not discussed previously.

Allergy Aware

Alkimos Baptist College is an 'Allergy Aware' school. As such, we do not encourage children to share their food. If your child has a food allergy, please see the College office and ensure that the Principal has a current Anaphylaxis action plan.