The assessment and reporting of students’ progress inform students and their families and provide a framework for review as outlined in other curriculum policies. The assessment must be firm and consistent and adhere to stipulated assessment policies. The reporting must be uniform, with scope to address students’ individual needs.


The assessment of students in secondary school is governed by the Assessment Policy as set out below. This is developed in consultation with staff and, where required, is in line with the specifications set out by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. The policy is made available on the College website. 

Students working under Individual Education Plans are provided with modified or replacement assessments as appropriate.


Reporting is done informally throughout the teaching period and is carried out through a number of formal reports. (Interim, Semester One and Semester Two Reports)

Assessment Feedback

Teachers are to return assessment results to students and record the results in Marksbook on the Student Management System (SMS). Parents and students have access to their individual marks on SMS via the Parent Portal. In Years 7 to 12 students and parents are encouraged to consult with teachers and/or the Curriculum Coordinator regarding any assessments and results.

Semester Reports

A formal report is uploaded to SMS at the end of each semester. This report gives information about each subject studied by each student. Comments accompany grades and marks. Parent/Teacher interviews for all year groups are arranged following the Semester One reporting period to allow the discussion of student progress. A sample Semester report is attached.

Assessment Policy

Please see our assessment policy as referred to on our Policy page