Alkimos Baptist College Early Learning Centre

We aim to provide a caring environment that reflects best practise in early childhood education, with an emphasis on the importance of early learning in Kindergarten and Pre Primary.

We aim to provide children with quality education in the early years of school and to encourage close communication between home and school.

Establishing Good Foundations

There is mounting evidence from a broad research base in health, developmental psychology, neuroscience and education, of the importance of optimum family and community experiences for children during the earliest years of childhood and development.

There is also a growing understanding of the critical role played by the quality of psychological, emotional and other environmental experiences on early brain development. There is much evidence that these experiences establish a template that has the potential to play a significant role in later life.

Early experiences and the quality of nurturing and cognitive stimulation which children receive in the first few years of schooling may have a big impact on their development and the course they choose to follow in life.

Building Blocks

The Early Learning Centre seeks to build on the strengths, existing knowledge and skills of the child, their family and community.

We aim to build and focus on early intervention strategies to support our learners and their families.

We aim to build on relationships with our College families, based on mutual respect and trust.

We aim to develop the 'whole' child as a learner.

The Early Learning Centre endeavours to be a caring and nurturing environment.

Early Learning Centre Facilities

The Early Learning Centre consists of an air-conditioned indoor learning area, with a wet area and cooking facilities for both the Kindergarten and Pre Primary and a fenced outdoor area with undercover areas, a shaded sand pit, track and playground equipment. Children may use other facilities on the College campus for sport, art, music and library studies.

The Kindergarten Learning Program

Kindergarten is a gradual introduction to schooling in a fun, yet structured environment. In planning a 'learning through play' environment for this age group, we aim to take into account the developmental stages of these children.

All children are encouraged to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses in a supportive environment.

It was Albert Einstein who said that "imagination is greater than knowledge". We aim to develop a play-based program committed to developing each child's imagination and personality using a differentiated curriculum.

The Pre Primary Learning Program

Pre Primary aims to continue to develop and foster an enjoyment of learning while encouraging equity and respect for others in the learning environment and community. During this stage of their schooling, children are given the opportunity to develop essential foundations on which to build their knowledge, skills and values, particularly in the areas of social and emotional well being, literacy and numeracy. We recognise that children are unique and endeavour to celebrate the unique potential of each child through a curriculum that allows children to explore and discover concepts for themselves with adult guidance.

Assessment and Reporting

Our students are assessed in a variety of ways: skills checklists, anecdotal records, formal and informal testing, student portfolios and observation. The results will be reported to parents in the following ways:

Portfolios and Skills Files Term 2, 3, 4

Reports Term 1, 2, 4

Public Performance Various times (ie. assemblies, concerts)

Reporting can be an opportunity to celebrate a child's strengths and set goals for improvement in other areas.

Early Intervention

Kindergarten students' modalities of vision and hearing are tested by the School Nurse during the year. Permission forms are sent out to parents at the beginning of the year. Speech, phonological awareness and comprehension screening will occur in the middle of the year in Pre Primary and occasionally for some Kindergarten students, with a professional speech therapist. We will follow up with students requiring assistance in this area. We offer an ongoing support network, with particular attention to early intervention.

Teachers and Learning Support staff will observe and test student behaviour and achievement and notify you early if there are any concerns.

Pre Primary students will also be screened with "On Entry Assessment" at the commencement of Pre Primary year in Term 1.