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Principal's Welcome

A warm welcome to new families learning about Alkimos Baptist College for the first time.

The core values of our College are Courage, Faith and Service. Courage, to do what is right in the face of all odds. Faith in our College, their fellow students and ultimately in recognising God's role in their life. And finally, service. They consistently put others before themselves, seeking not to extend themselves above others but willing to serve all in humble acts of leadership.

At Alkimos, we pride ourselves on offering a vibrant learning community where students are encouraged to participate in various programs, including arts, sporting, academic, cultural and religious activities.

Our unique College offers a one stream environment where individuals can be the focus. We pride ourselves on our ability to form strong relationships with our students, families and community. These relationships form the foundation that supports and nurture all the young people in our care.

It is a privilege to lead such a wonderful school, and I wish you the best in your journey with us.

Kieran Graham

College Aim

Alkimos Baptist College opened in 2011 in Merriwa, Western Australia.
The Merriwa campus features bright, modern classrooms and has recently been renovated to include new facilities.

The College's aim is:

Ignite a passion and love for learning

Encourage initiative, self esteem and personal discipline

Impact the community positively

Hearts for service and social responsibility

Develop an awareness of God

We aim to provide a caring environment at the College that reflects best practise in Education,
emphasising the importance of learning.

We aim to build and focus on early intervention strategies in Primary School to support our students and their families.

We aim to build relationships with our College families based on mutual respect and trust.

We aim to develop the 'whole' child as a learner.

We aim to be a caring and nurturing environment.

We aim to provide children with quality education in their years of school
and to encourage close communication between home and school.


The Christian Environment

The College is staffed by committed Christians and is founded on Christian principles. Children participate in Christian Education lessons during the week.
These emphasise basic Christian truths and their application to daily life.

Each morning, class devotions begin the day, possibly including a Bible reading and a simple prayer or song. Primary Worship Assemblies are held regularly during the term.
The Secondary School has a strong youth ministry dedicated to serving the students.

Students entering the College (at the Primary or Secondary level) are not required to have a commitment to the Christian Faith.
However, all students must participate fully in the Christian Education program of the College.

A strong Pastoral Care program operates throughout the College to enable the care and nurturing of students to be enhanced.


In 2009, the College Board was approached by Nigel Satterley of the Satterley Consortium to start a Baptist College in the northern coastal suburb of Alkimos, commencing in 2011. The Board had experience in starting other Baptist Colleges such as Lake Joondalup Baptist College, Winthrop Baptist College, Somerville Baptist College, Mandurah Baptist College, Geelong Baptist College and Austin Cove Baptist College.

Mr Satterley had seen the fast growth rate of the Baptist Colleges in a 20 year period and wanted to establish another Baptist College in the new suburb of Alkimos in 2011. Mr Satterley did not win the Alkimos land tender and the land negotiations continued to secure land for the College.

A steering committee was formed with Mike Smith, John Smith, Gary Harris, Carol Harris, Maryann Malzer, Paul Sonneman-Smith, Kieran Graham and Allison Smith. The first meeting took place at Quinns Baptist College on 20 June 2009. 

Gary Harris and Carol Harris were appointed Secondary and Primary Principals respectively. Gary and Carol Harris were foundation senior staff of Geelong Baptist College, which commenced in 2002. Gary Harris was the Deputy Principal at Quinns Baptist and Carol Harris was the Head of Primary at Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

In 2011 Alkimos Baptist College opened its doors to 160 students from K-8 at the former Kingsway Christian College North Campus in Merriwa. The campus was to be leased until the land was secured and buildings ready at Alkimos. 

The Merriwa campus was purchased by the College Board in 2013.

In 2015 Mr Kieran Graham was appointed College Principal. Mr Graham was a foundation staff member at Alkimos Baptist College and was a Secondary Co-ordinator in the College. Mr Graham soon implemented a number of initiatives that reformed the College, guiding it to a place of prominence in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. Most noticeable was the introduction of the Robotic Engineering Program, the Fashion and Design Academy and the Basketball Connect Program. Mr Graham also introduced an initiative to cut the yearly fees by two-thirds of that of other private education facilities in the area.

Teaching staff at Alkimos Baptist College instructs a student