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We have observed that our co-curricular activities help our students to work more cooperatively in teams and to develop strong leadership skills. By being part of a team the students demonstrate that they feel a strong sense of belonging which makes for a happier environment and a unified school. These activities also build self-discipline, improve self-esteem and encourage students to persevere.

Our Dance Sport and our Swimming programs encourage our students to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. We have found that students who participate in a variety of co-curricular activities consistently improve their academic results. We believe that our activities will help students to become productive, well-adjusted and responsible citizens.

We offer the following Co-Curricular activities:

  • Academic Extention
  • Circus Sport
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Year 4 School Sleepover
  • Year 5 Zoo Camp
  • Year 6 Ern Halliday Camp
  • Year 6 Graduation Dinner
  • Excursions and Incursions

Our Extra-Curricular Program provides students with an opportunity to participate in a wide range of different activities. These activities are viewed as an integral part of the educational experience at Alkimos as active participation adds to the all-round development of our students. Extra-curricular activities are expected to be both satisfying and a growing experience.

We offer the following Extra-Curricular activities:

  • Interhouse Sports Competition
  • Morning Fitness
  • Musical Production
  • Music Tuition
  • After School Clubs


Our After School Clubs will include clubs such as Chess, Craft, Card making, Lego and Active After School Sports.

Primary School students will be issued with club sign up forms at the beginning of Week 1 of each Term. These must be handed in at the end of Week 1 of each term for the clubs to be organised.

Clubs will usually run from the second week of each term and conclude on the second last week of each term. Entry to a club will depend on club availability and student ratio per club teacher. Clubs will often change each term.

Clubs are at no cost to students and generally operate from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Prompt student pick up at 4.00pm is necessary and appreciated.

There is no additional charge for any of these activities, but in making their selection we expect students to commit themselves to that Program for the duration of the Term.